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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is what happens if 1984 and Brave New World had a baby.

That is all.

Bunnykill 3 Vol.2 Bunnykill 3 Vol.2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stands out from other a good way.

I do enjoy the Bunnykill franchise, first of all. The blood may be a little icky at times, but it's bearable for me. After watching them all, though, they may be great movies. Awesome? Perhaps. Perfect 10s? Debatable. But Bunnykill 3 stands out from the other installments of the franchise. In a good way. Before I officially start, I'd like to state that I didn't know whether to put this in part 1 or 2, but I guess part 2 is enough.

The animation, first of all, is smooth and well animated. I heard that the ears were key in making this animation go much more smoothly, and if it is, then it paid off, and it shows. The shading is definitely a "top 5" contender for the highest points of Bunnykill 3. The color scheme is a little gray for the whole laboratory, but hey, what laboratory is "colorful"? At least the characters stand out in that department.

Speaking of the characters, our fighters was previously shown as almost godlike. But here, this installment is a little more human, and believe me, I'll get to that later. It's more human in the fact that the flawless-ness of the whole scenario has been cut down a bit, especially for Snowball, since he is a little more "off-guard" here, and even has a bloody hand at one point, which weakens him quite a bit, showing that he's most definitely not as godlike as before. The other characters follow this, too. It's interesting to see the "acquaintance" relationship between Snowball and Smoke, particularly in this part. (And the fact that we got the closest thing to "dialogue" in this installment.)

And now for what I think makes this 9 a 10. The story. None of the Bunnykills are heavy on story. But this one went just the "little edge" to make it stand out. As a personal rule of thumb, a story isn't entirely necessary, but it can make a huge difference. And it shows here. The story itself isn't that special, but what makes it more "compelling" than the rest of the Bunnykill series is the little hints of emotions throughout the massacre. From fear, to shock, to anger, surprise, and even a bit of sadness and (get this) >happiness<, the last two in especially regard to Snowball. He's sad to see Smoke gone, but happy that his mission is complete. The happiness also seems to show whenever he gets a new weapon, which happens twice between both parts.

There were a few points of logic issues, the most common being the whole "Why are you just standing there?!" shenanigans. Most of the time, though, it was due to justified shock, but during the part where Dust appears, why couldn't they kill him off while he was getting ready? Oh well, nit-picky.

Not much to comment on audio. It fits the whole installment, as always.

All in all, this is much like the C&H series: Very popular, but only a few to me stand out as masterpieces. For C&H, it was Waiting for the Bus. For Bunnykill, it was Bunnykill 3. I have already seen the rest, but I wouldn't exactly call them "perfect". I can only say for myself, obviously. But I truly feel that if I had to pick just one installment that truly deserves all the praise, it's this one. But my reasons MAY be a little different. I don't know about the others, but for me, the little "story edge" is what pushes it ahead. It makes the 3rd installment the Resident Evil 4 of Bunnykill. So does that make Bunnykill 4 Resident Evil 5? In a way. But that's up to interpretation, isn't it?

I give Bunny Kill 3 a 10 out of 10. As a result of this score, Bunnykill 3 has earned the platinum medal. Congratulations.

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The epic boobs of Ucogi The epic boobs of Ucogi

Rated 4 / 5 stars

If I was Gamespot...

I'd give the "Good Start" Merit. It may be just a small, 3 second loop with no music, but even 2 points taken off isn't enough to take away the fact that this seems like a good start for a new journey. I hope that you would expand with this character (or franchise). It has a solid foundation. Now you gotta build on it.

Veinom responds:

Thank you very much for your inspiring words. Yes I will try to make more stuff with Ucogi, wish me luck! ^_^

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SkyFyre SkyFyre

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Whoa, there...OH MY-*BOOM!!!*

If I had to pick a 3rd most favorite genre (behind RPGs and Platformers), it would be 2-D shoot-em-ups (i.e. Galaga, Gradius, etc, NOT Contra, that's 2-D Shooters.). So when I heard of this game, I was very interested. Now, rarely do I explain my first-hand experiences in-depth, but I will now. But before we get to that, let's get over the other stuff first.

The story is nothing special; just the tried 'n' true generic story a 2-D Shump would have. The graphics are very attractive and pretty, not to mention they don't seem to get old. However, that can be a problem, but I'll get to that later.

The music...there's only 1 song. It's not too bad, but a variety would be very nice. I'll take 0.5 point off since there's only one song, but it isn't too bad.

Now for the gameplay, or rather, my own trip on SkyFyre. When I first played the game, I picked warrior, went through the tutorial, inserted my free 2 points (assuming you go through the tutorial and not skipping it), and booted the first level. I blasted away the first couple waves, and then 3 red monsters with helms came out, and I blasted through them. Then I had a feeling about this game; I mean, there was a fact about this 2-D shoot-em-ups that I didn't know yet. But no later than the first miniboss it dawned on me: This isn't a regular 2-D Shoot-em-up. This is A BULLET HELL SHOOTER!!!

Okay, it may be one of the more easier ones (as far as I seen), but still. I know not everyone's a fan of Bullet Hell Shooters, and so deducted points for that (One went down from a 10 to 4 due to that one reason). I however like a challenge every now and then, but I still had times where I felt like I WAS GONNA THROW THE FRIGGEN MOUSE AT THE MONITER!!! ...and screaming stuff out loud. Ouchies.

Okay, as far as the controls, go they feel great. However, lately, my mouse has been stiff with this game. I don't know why. Oh well. Anyhow, the shop is okay, there's a good variety of emenies, and oh, hiding behind the emenies won't help. 60% of the emenies are smart enough to shoot you from behind, which constantly made me go back and forth and back and forth and back and forth...until I either win, or lose. The patterns are pretty okay, too, although the emenies themselves are in a way more troublesome. There's this one wave in level 6...oh my gosh. I won't spoil it for you.

Then we have the classes. They're all relativly balanced, but I'll agree that they're more like difficulty settings. Balancing would be nice, or rather, the stats, since you can still take a wisdom path as, say, a knight. One full point will be taken off for this.

Now what else...oh yes. The distractions. I learned that things don't have to be bright to distract you. The graphics I've mentioned can be distracting. But also the money. I liked how bullets turn into money when its shooter is killed, but they can distract by pressuring you to get them while forgetting about those darn bullets. impressive.

As for the good parts, well, it was fast-paced. And it was a blast buying the upgrades (albeit expensive) and owning everyone in sight (well, not everyone, but you get what I mean). And all other stuff you'd expect in a 2-D shoot-em-up. Oh yeah, and the emeny bullets are the exact same, just with the difference in damage. 0.5 taken off. Some different colors would suffice. Different Sizes are welcomed, but since this is a bullet hell shoot-em-up, bigger bullets are only gonna cause problems. So different colors. You don't need anymore than that.

I had a blast playing SkyFyre, and it provided a nice challenge. However, this Bullet Hell Shump may be too much for some, which I can understand. I would love to see the sequel with improvments, and hopefully longer. I now feel what it's like to play a Bullet Hell Shump.

I give SkyFyre an Eight out of Ten. As a result of this score, SkyFyre has earned the Silver Medal.

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Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

OH MY GOSH!!! I see a pheonix!!!

To say this was an improvment over the first Epic Battle Fantasy would be underestimating it. So many stuff that was wrong with the last game was corrected. So let's get to it.

First off are the save points. There was a few bad spots I didn't mention in the last review, like the save aspect; in the last game, there was NONE!! Boy, what torture! Thankfully, you provided us with not one, but two save spots. As for the people who think there should be one after every stage, *punches those people*. Okay, that's better.

Anyhow, you also added some sort of leveling up mechancs. I don't see any levels, but you can improve in some way depending on your actions after each wave, not stage, giving it a Final Fantasy II feeling in terms of leveling up, just without the reverse-negative part, thankfully.

I also liked how you used original stuff throughout the game, except for Power Metal. Tell me you're going to replace it with an original one in the 3rd EBF, not that it's bad, mind you. But You don't want Dragonforce up your throat, do you?

The final boss, is actually and thankfully, a little easier. Seriously, Undead Goku actually gave me a harder time than the Valkyre. Speaking of which, even the curve was improved, so that there's no real spikes before the final confrotation. If there were any, at least they weren't as pointy as those "dotty" monsters from the last EBF.

The battle system is still the same (0.5 taken off for little changes for the better, but thankfully there weren't any that were for the worse), but thankfully you added a minigame to break up the monotony. But I can't seem to get the high score intended for the medals, either because I'm a bad player or the minigame didn't gave you enough HP/Time (might be the former).

There was, however, one element that seems to be missing from my team's arsenal: Water. Some of the logs' weaknesses say water can be used. But from what I've seen, neither Matt nor Natallee can use a water-elemental attack, especially since it's my favorite element. For leaving it out, 0.5 point was taken off, leaving you with Nine so far.

There was actually some sort of story this time around, thankfully. No furhter comment, here, except that Nazi symbol on lance probably wasn't the best choice. But nontheless, I won't take point off for it.

You used original audio, this time around, and thank GOD none of them were embarassing. However, this time around, some voice acting for the duo (and Lance) would've been nice, especially Natz XD.

The graphics got a little better, it's just not obvious. Although I missed Natallee's old costume, her....errrrrrr........"pose", was kinda.......never mind. Speakinng of pose, let me bring up something I forgot to add. These..."Limit Breaks", for a lack of better term, are a nice touch, and they literally saved my life a few times.

Man, you've really gone out of your way to correct your mistakes from the last game, and it shows. There's littlebigroom (pun not intended) for additional improvment, but for now, this is really THE Epic Battle Fantasy. Would an Epic Story make it TRULY an EBF? It's up to you.

I give Epic Battle Fantasy 2 a Nine out of Ten. As a result of this score, Epic Battle Fantasy 2 has earned the Gold Medal.

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matt-likes-swords responds:

Lol thanks.

There is indeed no water magic, but I gave enemies weaknesses against it just in case I added it.

I'm also surprised that no one so far has been seriously offended by the swastika.
Everyone just says "OMG that might offend someone".

I've never tried voices before and don't feel like starting now, don't really need the extra work.
Though who knows.

Epic Battle Fantasy Epic Battle Fantasy

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Bare Role-Playing Genes

I've played this game a few times, and I must admit, I had some fun playing this game. I thought I wouldn't like it since it was too "generic", but alas, I was somewhat wrong.

I've gotta mention the gameplay here, since story isn't a major part. This would've been a BIG no-no for an RPG, but our favorite mouse has proven us wrong. But still, a little story would've been very nice. Anyway, you basically attack/heal, wait, then attack again. This can get repetitve fast (I know that all other games has repetivitness; when reviewers say "repetitive", they mean how much fun is taken away from the repetitiveness, mind you), I mean REALLY fast, so 1 point taken off for that. The medals were nice (and in one case hilarious), which by the way was one of the few reasons I hung on.

This game is too....basic? It has most of the core elements of an RPG, with the exception of leveling up in some way shape or form, which was a surprise. But there isn't any mechanic that's too outstanding? Alright, the higher powered Players/Emenies/Spells can be one, since too many rpgs have you placed on low-level (1-10 dmg know). But in this one, you start off STRONG (3000-10000 dmg minimum), at the cost of leveling mechanics.

I was going to take off 3 points for the basic genes, but one aspect lowered it to two: While most had some sort of difficulty curve, whether it be good or bad, this one was near-perfect! Seriously, the curve here is one of the best I've ever seen. There is only one spot before the final boss that was a bit spiked (god forbid those stupid Regis).

Music choice wasn't too fitting, and in some cases, espeically the 2nd stage, VERY embarrasing. I actually had to mute the 2nd stage music, and as cool as all the music choices was, with the exception of some bosses, they were quite out of place, taking off one point for embarrsement.

Is there ONE 100% good part of EBF? Yes, yes there is. And it almost more than made up for all the flaws: The graphics. They are REALLY pretty to look at; even on low, they still look outstanding. Mecha and Undead Goku in particular made me think whether or not you were human in terms of artisic skills. Maybe you should post a tutorial on how to make such great graphics? Speaking of which, the recreation of the non-original emenies were great. By the way, the thing controlling Undead Goku is Duskull, not Cubone.

Overall, this shows the bare foundation of what a RPG battle system should be. Well, maybe it isn't, since it can use some stuff to make it WAY more interesting, but hopefully you'll improve (which you will) on the sequel. It's not the best, but it isn't too too too bad.

I give Epic Battle Fantasy a Six out of Ten. Just a little more would've earned you a Bronze Medal.

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matt-likes-swords responds:

Thank ye.

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Story Left Untold (DJKarma) Story Left Untold (DJKarma)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This song has got to be one of the most beautiful songs in my life. I could've SWORN you done this on a real, actual, honest-to-godness Grand Piano. Perhpa syou should release an Album of some sorts in real life, and sell it out. It might be a hit. THAT'S how good this song is.