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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is what happens if 1984 and Brave New World had a baby.

That is all.

Bunnykill 3 Vol.2 Bunnykill 3 Vol.2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Stands out from other a good way.

I do enjoy the Bunnykill franchise, first of all. The blood may be a little icky at times, but it's bearable for me. After watching them all, though, they may be great movies. Awesome? Perhaps. Perfect 10s? Debatable. But Bunnykill 3 stands out from the other installments of the franchise. In a good way. Before I officially start, I'd like to state that I didn't know whether to put this in part 1 or 2, but I guess part 2 is enough.

The animation, first of all, is smooth and well animated. I heard that the ears were key in making this animation go much more smoothly, and if it is, then it paid off, and it shows. The shading is definitely a "top 5" contender for the highest points of Bunnykill 3. The color scheme is a little gray for the whole laboratory, but hey, what laboratory is "colorful"? At least the characters stand out in that department.

Speaking of the characters, our fighters was previously shown as almost godlike. But here, this installment is a little more human, and believe me, I'll get to that later. It's more human in the fact that the flawless-ness of the whole scenario has been cut down a bit, especially for Snowball, since he is a little more "off-guard" here, and even has a bloody hand at one point, which weakens him quite a bit, showing that he's most definitely not as godlike as before. The other characters follow this, too. It's interesting to see the "acquaintance" relationship between Snowball and Smoke, particularly in this part. (And the fact that we got the closest thing to "dialogue" in this installment.)

And now for what I think makes this 9 a 10. The story. None of the Bunnykills are heavy on story. But this one went just the "little edge" to make it stand out. As a personal rule of thumb, a story isn't entirely necessary, but it can make a huge difference. And it shows here. The story itself isn't that special, but what makes it more "compelling" than the rest of the Bunnykill series is the little hints of emotions throughout the massacre. From fear, to shock, to anger, surprise, and even a bit of sadness and (get this) >happiness<, the last two in especially regard to Snowball. He's sad to see Smoke gone, but happy that his mission is complete. The happiness also seems to show whenever he gets a new weapon, which happens twice between both parts.

There were a few points of logic issues, the most common being the whole "Why are you just standing there?!" shenanigans. Most of the time, though, it was due to justified shock, but during the part where Dust appears, why couldn't they kill him off while he was getting ready? Oh well, nit-picky.

Not much to comment on audio. It fits the whole installment, as always.

All in all, this is much like the C&H series: Very popular, but only a few to me stand out as masterpieces. For C&H, it was Waiting for the Bus. For Bunnykill, it was Bunnykill 3. I have already seen the rest, but I wouldn't exactly call them "perfect". I can only say for myself, obviously. But I truly feel that if I had to pick just one installment that truly deserves all the praise, it's this one. But my reasons MAY be a little different. I don't know about the others, but for me, the little "story edge" is what pushes it ahead. It makes the 3rd installment the Resident Evil 4 of Bunnykill. So does that make Bunnykill 4 Resident Evil 5? In a way. But that's up to interpretation, isn't it?

I give Bunny Kill 3 a 10 out of 10. As a result of this score, Bunnykill 3 has earned the platinum medal. Congratulations.

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The epic boobs of Ucogi The epic boobs of Ucogi

Rated 4 / 5 stars

If I was Gamespot...

I'd give the "Good Start" Merit. It may be just a small, 3 second loop with no music, but even 2 points taken off isn't enough to take away the fact that this seems like a good start for a new journey. I hope that you would expand with this character (or franchise). It has a solid foundation. Now you gotta build on it.

Veinom responds:

Thank you very much for your inspiring words. Yes I will try to make more stuff with Ucogi, wish me luck! ^_^

Tarboy Tarboy

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Who knew tar can lead to phenomenonal greatness?

I was just blown away by this movie. Usually I could care less about flash movies, but this one sticks out as a patent office of what a ground-breaking movie should be. Just wow.

First off is the story. It's not too too original, but how you set it up is really impressive. You know how most little kids think that good always wins? Well, you set up the story so it would seem to be like that, but then....I won't spoil the story for you. really nice. You also made really good use of the grandfather. The ending threw me off good.

Graphically, it looks great. I may as well be looking at an official movie. Perfect shading and a variety of art-styles to suit each one (i.e. black and while) little part of the story really adds to the flash movie as a whole.

The music is pretty nice, and it can create suspense in certain cutscenes like the Dark Room Fight. It can also time to the movie well. Same goes for sound effects.

Voice Acting is really great. Each voice sounds real, feels real, and overall just plain rocks. The guy that did the Grandpa really should look into a professional career in voice acting. Same thing for Billy.

Tarboy deserved all those praise that it's been obtaining. I can't wait to see the sequel, not to mention seeing more movies like this. Thank you for making me care a little more about flash movies.

I give Tarboy a Ten out of Ten. As a result of this score, Tarboy has earned the Platinum medal. Congraduations.

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TF: Revenge of the Lolin' TF: Revenge of the Lolin'

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A Decent Parody in both ways

This was really a parody; it made my laugh quite a bit. My scoring criteria is gonna have to be different for movies, we go.
The main goal, humor, was accomplished. Every 2-4 seconds my mouth was open with laughter coming out of the exit.
The voice acting was also decent, expect for Megatron's. It was meh.
As for the plot, a few major details were left out. If I hadn't watched to Movie, I actually wouldn't know the entire plot So one point taken off.
While I disagree with the negative reviews that it wasn't hilarious (which it was), I'm probably gonna have to agree with them on the quaity of the graphics. While some were meh to bad, the decepticons were REALLY horrid. I mean, just look at Megatron and Starscream and you'll see what I mean (more so with Megatron; ugh, just looking at him makes me wince). Thus, two fat points are going down with the one point taken off eariler. If it weren't for optimus Prime's art design in this parody, though (which was actually pretty good, especially his 'death' scene from Megatron, which I felt was the best part of the movie), it would've been 3. But thank Michael Bay his design saved it from being lower than it actually is.
Overall, it's a decent parody. I've seen better ones, but this isn't that bad either (except for probably the graphics).
I give 'TF: Revenge of the Lolin'' a Seven out of Ten. As a result of this score, 'TF: Revenge of the Lolin'' earns the measly Bronze Medal. Barely made it.

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